About Gelpag

Formerly known as GELPAG mbH, GELPAG Advanced Technology GmbH was established in Germany in 2003, specialising in the development and manufacturing of power distribution equipment. In the quest to further develop its research capabilities, GELPAG has expanded its network to China, becoming a shareholder of Huatech, a leading research and manufacturing facility in China in 2004, as well as establishing a joint venture with AREVA T&D (Xiamen) in 2005. With the latest research agreements with NanoMaterials Technology Pte Ltd and RayOptik Internatioanal Pte Ltd in 2015, GELPAG has streamlined its specialisation in the two main domains of solar control technology and energy technology.

Core Philosophy
"In Touch With Technology"

Our core philosophy is to continually purvey the most advanced technology to the world through our own endeavour in product research and development. It is with this belief that we have successfully propelled the company to become a world-renowned innovator of advanced technological products.

Management Philosophy
"Human Oriented"

We believe the human factor is invaluable to the sustainable development of GELPAG. As such, we invest generously in acquiring professional talent and grooming them to their fullest potential, for their own career progression whether in management, design, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service.

Corporate Value
"Initiative In Innovation, Lead The Market Trend"

We are relentless in our pursuit to continually develop innovative and useful products for the world. After making our mark in the research and development of power distribution equipment, we have chartered a new direction towards research and manufacturing of nanotechnology and energy technology products. Fuelled by the spirit of innovation, we strive to remain in the forefront of the intelligent trend.