Motic Electric acquired of minority shares in Beijing GAT and Gelpag Advanced Technology GmbH from GUI Group
09 Oct 2017
Motic (Xiamen) Electric Group Co Ltd now holds 63.82% ownership in Beijing Gelpag Energy Technology Co Ltd and 100% ownership in Gelpag Advanced Technology GmbH.  
GELPAG e-brochure
27 SEP 2017
E-Mobility Truck-e
01 Aug 2017
A lot of urban pollution is caused by vehicle emissions from city road traffic. The problem of exhaust emissions can be solved with e-mobility technology like TRUCK-E. Usually use TRUCK-E in Factories, Logistics and Municipal Services.
Product Launch: RayOptik Solar Film
01 Aug 2017
RayOptik Solar Film
E-Mobile Vehicles Exhibition, Maimarkt Mannheim Trade Fair, Germany.
29 April to 9 May 2017
Maimarkt Mannheim is the largest trade fair in Germany to exhibit various types goods and service inclusive of vehicles. The aim of GELPAG exhibition is to promote mobility that is efficient, safe, secure and environmentally friendly e-vehicles.