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GEL-SAW/GEL-WTS Passive Wireless Online Temperature Monitoring SystemGEL-SAW/GEL-WTS passive wireless online temperature...
GEL-SAW/GEL-WTS Passive Wireless Online Temperature Monitoring System

GEL-SAW/GEL-WTS passive wireless online temperature monitoring system is based on diversified new sensor technology and provides a real-time intelligent and efficient online temperature monitoring solution for power system distribution equipment. The system can provide uninterrupted online temperature monitoring for the key connection parts of power system, record in real time the temperature change trend of temperature monitoring points, and realize the real-time warning and alarm function of temperature monitoring, effectively improving the operation reliability of electrical equipment.

Diversified new sensor technologies:

GEL-SAW passive wireless temperature sensor is based on acoustic surface wave technology

● Based on the physical characteristics of high reliability pressure-sensitive crystal material, the sensor works "passively" without conventional circuit, and truly realizes passive work.

● Wireless data communication, absolute isolation of high and low voltage, and safe and stable operation

● Wide temperature measuring range, high measuring accuracy and fast response

● Small size and flexible installation

● Maintenance-free and high service life

GEL-WTS wireless temperature sensor is based on micro-electromagnetic energy collection technology

● Ultra-low power consumption design, micro-electromagnetic energy collection and CRC calibration technology

● Wireless data communication, high efficiency electrical isolation and strong anti- interference ability

● Wide temperature measuring range, high measuring accuracy and fast response

● Compact size, convenient installation, quick deployment and maintenance free

GEL-SVS Cloud Platform Intelligent Operation and Maintenance Management System

GEL-SVS system can monitor in real time the running situation of user's factory, workshops, substation, etc., including all electrical parameters, and non-electric signals such as smoke, water leakage, environment temperature and humidity, video and door access. When any monitored parameter exceeds the set value or any other abnormal event occurs, it can send real-time alarm via SMS, email and APP, and inquire historical data, thus realizing the purpose of intelligent operation and maintenance. Real-time warning for fire, gas leakage and overload operation can eliminate potential safety hazards from the source, thus greatly improving the operation safety and efficiency of power distribution production system.

Visual management

Data management

Historical curve analysis

GEL-DCP Flexible DC power supply system

The GEL-DCP DC power supply system is designed with the concept of flexible power supply, which can make full use of the mutual support of network, balance the loads of feeders and the main transformer of substation to the maximum extent, and have a greater power supply capacity and higher security! The comprehensive application of unique battery life monitoring technology, intelligent energy-saving power supply control technology and cloud platform intelligent monitoring technology makes GEL-DCP have superior performances such as environmental protection, safety and easy maintenance.

● Real-time monitoring of battery internal resistance and temperature

● Battery life cycle prediction

● Intelligent adjustment of charge and discharge ratio

● Adoption of advanced Internet of things technology

● Data security and big data analysis

GEL-PSH Skid-mounted Valve Chamber DC Power Supply System Solution

GEL-PSH is a customized and factory-designed, fabricated, pre-assembly and tested valve chamber and electric controller integration solution. The modular design makes it adaptable to complex and variable geographic environment. GEL-PSH is suitable for long distance pipeline supporting facilities, and comprises the valve chamber structure of optimized design, HVAC system, fire alarm system, electrical equipment system, etc.

● Pre-assembled box-type integrated design, easy expansion and maintenance-free

● High efficiency integrated GEL-DCP flexible DC power supply, and stable and reliable operation

● Deeply integrated GEL-SVS cloud intelligent operation and maintenance management system, and real-time data online monitoring

GEL-SMG Intelligent Compact Metal-enclosed Switchgear

GEL- SMG is a kind of intelligent compact metal-closed switchgear device developed by our company in cooperation with European switching technology experts and conforms to IEC and GB/DL standards. It is characterized by complete cabinet scheme, full insulation, full shielding, full sealing, low temperature rise and maintenance-freeness, and its modular design enables cost control by customers in operation and maintenance, repair, troubleshooting and scrap disposal. With an intelligent "mind", based on the design concept of the whole life cycle of the product and the Internet of things, GEL- SMG can transmit the running state and switch characteristics of the power supply system back to the operation and maintenance personnel in real time, and timely push the operation and maintenance strategy, so as to truly carry out intelligent full life cycle management of power supply equipment and help customers create higher economic value.