MASO V-Fleet Management Platform
By installing T-BOX/OBD in the car, functions such as electronic fence、map navigation, battery management, pluggable alarm、man-vehicle matching and ftrajectory query can be realized in the system. In the future, it will integrate the upstream and downstream industry chain of automobiles and carry out big data analysis and application based on the background flow.
The Main Function of MASO1.0
  • Electronic Fence

  • Map Navigation

  • Battery Management

  • Pluggable Alarm

  • Man and Car Matching

  • Trajectory Query

Main Features of The Platform
  • Fleet Management

    real-time tracking and monitoring of vehicle assets whereabouts, mileage, battery status and driving behavior

  • Remote Diagnosis

    real-time tracking and monitoring of vehicle assets whereabouts, mileage, battery status and driving behavior

  • Driving Behavior Monitoring

    better understanding of driving behavior so as to save energy and reduce traffic violation costs

  • Suspected Collision Alert

    informing emergency rescue personnel of collision and provides location

Intelligent Device ——T-BOX
  • 1.Embedded installation in the car, ensuring the hidden safety of device.
  • 2.Support for data transmission under 2G/4G network environment, exclusive definition of transmission protocol, vehicle stability and safety guarantee, and a monthly traffic of 30M.
  • 3.Remote setting for the interval of timed back transmission of location information, etc. by the terminal IP port.
  • 4.Remote query of battery status, location information, vehicle status, terminal status, etc.
  • 5.System alert of non-security plug-in and-out of T-Box device.
MASO1.0 APP Screenshot
  • Home page

  • Location Services

  • Statement Analysis

  • Dashboard

MASO1.0 PC End Screenshot
  • Electronic Fence

  • Trajectory Query

  • Battery Management

  • Vehicle Tracking

Four Service System Functions of MASO2.0
  • After-sales Maintenance System

    Maintenance Reminder Online Booking Vehicle Monitoring Product Display

  • Security Service System

    Security Guard Location Query Remote Control Real—time Traffic

  • Public Service System

    Interactive Community of Riders Used car Trading Driving Services Track Sharing

  • The Call Center

    A key Navigation Road Rescue Interest Point Inquiry (hotel, gas station, etc.) Transfer to 4S for Service

MASO3.0 Application Fields
  • Big data analysis and application based on background traffic.
  • Different sector cooperation and resource integration in different life scenes
  • MASO's deep cooperation in related application fields.
Usage Scenario
  • upermarket Coupon
  • all Event Information
  • Restaurant Discount Activities
  • aircut Reminder
  • Parking Information
  • ar Maintenance Reminder
  • Special Offers of Car Washing