GAT Products Across Oceans to Help Municipal Power Supply Safety in South Africa

South Africa, as the economic and financial center of Africa as a whole, the industry is developing rapidly. At present, a large number of substations are still using British floor switches. In order to ensure power supply safety, technological transformation is needed, including South Africa's national grid. It is estimated that there will be a potential market for thousands of medium voltage switchgear cabinets a year.Ekurhuleni is one of the five most industrially developed regions in Gauteng Province. The manufacturing industry is intensive, which has the laudatory name of "engines and workshops" in South Africa, and the second largest industrial park in South Africa. The region is highly urbanized, reaching 97% with advanced educational and medical facilities.

On January 8th, 2020, relying on its excellent product quality, high safety and high stability, withstood the test of exotic climate environment, GAT MSS Intelligent Fully Insulated Switchgear met the high standard requirements of South African public utilities for electricity safety, and obtained the order for municipal projects in Gauteng, South Africa. It is also the first order for MSS intelligent fully insulated switchgear in overseas markets, which means that MSS products will officially enter the international market and serve international users. GAT Professional Team conducts technical contact and communication with customers through online means. Customers can also track the whole process of product production at any time to ensure the timely and smooth delivery of high-quality products. The project successfully completed its production task on April 15th and delivered to South Africa on April 16th, which will provide guarantee support for municipal power supply in Gauteng, South Africa.

After years of rapid development and growth, GAT has always maintained its initial heart and enthusiasm of “Technology for green and safe power”. It is based in Germany and serves the whole world. Its products have spread all over many regions of the world. GAT will forge ahead and strive to become an internationally renowned expert in research and development, manufacturing and sales of medium voltage switches to provide advanced technologies, products and solutions for industry customers.

MSS Intelligent Fully Insulated Switchgear is safe and reliable. The advanced concepts of product life cycle management and Internet of Things + are applied to series of switchgear. Modern sensor technology, big data analysis and AI artificial algorithm are used to enable users to monitor MSS equipment in real time. After big data analysis, operation and maintenance information is pushed timely and accurately, thus realizing early warning of equipment failure and intelligent operation and maintenance in the whole life cycle, quantifying and visualizing equipment operation data, and shortening downtime caused by accidents and equipment maintenance. It saves operation and maintenance costs and prolongs the service life of equipment.
MSS Intelligent Fully Insulated Switchgear meets the "five-prevention interlocking" function required by the standard, TUV certified, and conforms to IEC, GB, DL and other standards. It is suitable for high altitude, high salt fog, high condensation dew, high pollution, high corrosion and other environments with harsh geographical conditions. The product has a wide range of applications. It is not only suitable for urban electricity consumption in various geographical environments, but also suitable for mining, urban and rural power grids, power plants, petrochemical industry, ship platforms, aerospace, rail transportation, data centers, commercial buildings and other industries.