GELPAG’s Success on 38kV Outdoor Recloser

GAT have successfully developed a 38kV outdoor Recloser solution for the partner in Spain, with the breaking current at 16kA and operates at O-0.1s-CO-1s-CO-1s-CO.
This Recloser is a newly developed solution with 3-phases in one outdoor tank, having below significant features:
1. Rated at the highest parameters of 38kV/ 800A/16kA, this recloser has super-fast close/trip capability operating at O-0.1S-CO-1s-CO-1s-CO, far higher than the other products in the markets at O-0.3S-CO-1.8S-CO. 
2. It has excellent insulation performance with the power frequency of 80kV 1min, impulse test of 170kV and partial discharge (PD) of @38kV<5pC.
3. It has good weather resistance. Tri-phase terminal, current sensor, voltage sensor and other components are completely sealed in corrosion-resistant box with IP65 protection level. The silicone rubber umbrella skirt bushing with tri-phase inlet and outlet lines has ultra-long salt spray tolerance, reaching 5000h.
4. It adopts single magnet actuator for each phase with simple structure and reliable operation, which also allow manual tripping and has over 10,000 times for the mechanical endurance life.