GELPAG MSS Switchgear Passed 4000A Prototype Test


GELPAG Advanced Technology GmbH  independently developed MSS (Intelligent Solid Isolated Switchgear) that has recently passed the 4000A prototype test. The MSS switchgear’s parameters are showed as below: rated voltage of 12 KV, rated current of 4000A and rated short-circuit breaking current of 40kA. 
In the process, the R&D team has successfully overcome the following problems:
a. Under the premise that the insulation performance of epoxy resin material is not changed, the thermal conductivity of epoxy resin and the density of cured material are improved by the addition of micron material, which solved the heat dissipation issue of fully insulated equipment with large capacity and avoids the risk of cracking caused by thermal expansion and cold contraction.
b. The semi-conductive material containing graphene is coated on the insulating surface of each phase to achieve continuous earthing performance, which can effectively avoid the phase-to-phase discharge, prevent internal arc fault, and greatly improve the personal and equipment’s safety. Meanwhile, it also ensures that the high-voltage conductive circuit is not affected by the surrounding environment, and even the high-voltage charged part can run in water, which truly makes the high-voltage conductive circuit free of maintenance.
GAT’s product has become the first worldwide large-capacity solid and isolated switchgear to pass the prototype test. To date, all of the GAT’s MSS 12KV series products have passed related tests, which are could provide users a full range of engineering applications with great product performance.